Any doubts?

Here you will find some of the most recent questions from our clients at El Sol de Cancún. Can you find yours? Let us know!

What is the duration of the Tour?

Once in the cabin, it takes between 10 to 12 minutes

How many laps does the Tour include?

Each Tour consists of 3 laps

What is the height in meters of El Sol de Cancún?

Height is 70 meters

How fast does El Sol de Cancún rotate?

Speed ​​is approximately 4 to 5 km / h

What is the capacity of each cabin?

The maximum capacity in a regular cabin is 6 people and 5 in a VIP cabin

Can minors enter alone?

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

How old do you have to be to enter El Sol de Cancún?

From 1 month on

Can I get off the attraction before the agreed time?

Yes, each cabin has an emergency button that sends a signal to the control center to allow you to descend immediately.

What is the difference between a regular and a VIP cabin?

Direct access, leather seats, panoramic transparent floor, capacity for 5 people and provides 6 laps in La Rueda instead of only 3, giving a total of 20 minutes of the route.

Can I enter with pets?

Plaza la Isla is a Ped friendly area, however, the facilities of El Sol de Cancun reserves the right of admission, only to guide pets.


Please stand in the line to enter.

Do not enter with food.

Do not go up if you suffer from any respiratory disease cardiac, vertigo or bone weakness.

Access in an inconvenient state, will be restricted.

We are not responsible for forgotten personal items. Check before going down.

Minors should be accompanied by an adult in every moment.

Please, do not run or push.

If you like to go back up, please line up again.

We are committed to providing a safe environment during your visit to La Gran Rueda Cancún.

For your safety, you must be in perfect health condition to go up. Only you know your condition and limitations.

La Gran Rueda Cancún, has security systems designed by the manufacturer, however, if you are afraid of Heights, vertigo or any heart disease, we recommend you DO NOT ENTER.

La Gran Rueda Cancún, reserves the right to make the final determination regarding the eligibility of a guest to enter, based on the size, weight, height or other limitation of the visitor.

Visitors have an obligation to exercise good judgment and act responsibly while participating in La Gran Rueda Cancún, and comply with all oral and written obligations.

Customers also have an obligation to properly use all equipment and contents in this attraction.