Hugo Sánchez, who had been the star player of Real Madrid for so many years and, in addition to scoring goals in Europe, was also the reference for the Mexican team’s attack in the country’s competitions, filled his bank account with great care. And a good investment strategy for his savings was to pay for this massive mansion on the privileged beaches of Cancun. It is no secret that Hugo Sanchez has a large mansion in Cancun´s hotel zone, but we didn’t know we would get to know the insides of his huge house, which is located in a privileged area.

What is Hugo Sánchez’s mansion in Cancun like?

hugo sanchez

Photo courtesy of Awesomecancun

It measures nine hundred and ninety square meters. It is on the coast of Cancun. In a privileged and exclusive hotel zone.

While it’s not known how much he paid for it, his looks don’t seem cheap, of course. However, what makes it unique is part of the eccentricities it contains. The most representative, a statue of himself hitting the ball with the famous scissors that represented him at Real Madrid.

A threat of collapse as unique but

And it is not little. So much outer beauty does not slip into its roots. It is known that the mansion suffers from serious structural problems. These are either tackled quickly and forcefully or could even lead to its demolition in the face of the latent danger of collapse. The urban development director said the building has significant structural damage, such as breaks in walls and columns.

Hugo Sánchez and his sculptures are not guilty of this situation. The damage is due to the foundations that were not done correctly, and the excess weight that was added with each expansion.


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