In Cancun, everything is an invitation to come and enjoy its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and lively evenings.

You’ve decided to pack your bags? Here are our tips on when is the best time to visit Cancun!

A desire for a sunny horizon? Cancun is the ideal destination for sunbathing. The best time to visit Cancun is between November and May. This is the dry season. You can enjoy an ideal climate on the peninsula, with temperatures between 25° and 30°.

Leaving the dry season aside… Cyclones and heavy rains can occur between September and October. In the same vein, from June to October, temperatures rise significantly and rainfall also increases. A departure between mid-March and the end of May will be perfect to avoid the coolness of our winter and take advantage of the heat and maximum sunshine.

In March, if you want to party all night long, blend with the crowd for unforgettable nights on Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, the Spring Break period is ideal. Young American and Canadian graduates take advantage of Cancun’s beaches to party, relax and forget about studying for a while. Many entertainments animate the seaside resorts during these 4 weeks of festivities, why not take part in them too?

best time to visit cancun spring break
Best time to visit Cancun – Spring Break

Did you know that?

Before becoming Mexico’s most popular seaside city, Cancun was a small island inhabited by a few hundred Mayans. The Yucatan Peninsula where Cancun is located is full of vestiges of this civilization. The best known remains the site of Chichen-Itzá. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the site of Chichen-Itzá is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.