Cancun attracts many tourists every year. Cancun besides having charm surely offers many activities. So, if you are passing by, here is a guide to visit Cancun and some other things to do rather than sunbathing.

Mayan sites in Cancun

There are some small remains of the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization in Cancún. El Rey (Las Ruinas del Rey) is located in the hotel zone.

things to do in cancun mayan ruins

Museum of Mexican Folk Art

El Museo de Arte Popular Mexicano is an interesting museum! It will allow you to discover the cultural traditions of Mexico’s 31 states. With hundreds of everyday objects, crafts, and temporary exhibitions that will immerse you in the culture of this thousand-faceted people. Plus, if you want to buy local handicrafts, the museum’s shop has artisans selling their creations.

Cancun’s Mayan Museum

It is a museum of the Mayan culture where you will have the opportunity to discover this fascinating civilization by giving you a useful vision for the visit of the different archaeological sites of the peninsula. The museum’s gardens are also a great opportunity to observe the iguanas. But, if you wish to refresh yourself afterward, the Playa Delphines is not far away. A visit that combines business with pleasure!

things to do in cancun mayan museum

Ka’Yok’ Planetario de Cancun

If you have children or a fan of the depths of a starry sky, visit the planetarium. The best part? It has a ridiculously low price! In addition, there are sky shows that change from month to month, exhibitions of paintings, photos of stuffed animals, and other objects specific to the culture of the Yucatán Peninsula.