Traveling is probably an integral part of our children’s education since it is a time when they meet new cultures, try different things, and create memories that will last a lifetime. That is why we know that planning a perfect vacation is not an easy task, especially because you want to meet the needs of all family members. We have prepared some tips to help you plan your next vacation to Riviera Maya.


1.- Plan the tours and activities you want.

Organizing everything in advance is the key to success. We recommend that you create a calendar of the activities you want to do, with schedules and dates, so you have time for everything. Don’t forget to check if all family members can participate in the activities you have planned, which correspond to the appropriate age and individual requirements.


2.- Check the weather forecasts.

The weather in the Riviera Maya is spectacular most of the year, but surprisingly, it can change a lot. So be sure to continually monitor the weather channel to eliminate any doubt of rain during your vacation. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you travel during Easter or summer.


3.- Pack the necessary.

We don’t want anything missing; we pack from sweaters to boots. But the reality is that we don’t need much when we are at a beach destination. Try to pack only the essentials: light and comfortable clothes, swimsuit, sunscreen, and good sandals. If you are planning a short vacation, remember to bring casual and formal beachwear. Do not discard Guayaberas for men or comfortable summer dresses in the case of women and, of course, a well-charged camera or cell phone to capture all the memories they will live.


And last but not least, relax and have fun! Sometimes we want to have everything planned and under control, but it is worth improvising on vacation, and if a plan does not work as expected, nothing happens! The most important thing is to enjoy the family experience in Riviera Maya to the fullest.